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"You leave Mama Peach alone ,you bad man"
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♚— ‣ “Now, THAT’S MORE LIKE IT! I ALWAYS KNEW A BUNCH OF NEW VASSALS WOULD LINE UP TO SEE HOW EVILLY AWESOME I AM! GWAH, HA, HA! You had BETTER put ALL gifts in my playroom, clean my sheets, fix my dinner, and then you better tell me just how AWESOME I AM!        

           GWAH, HA, HA! The MOMENT you all walked in here you swore to servitude! GET MOVIN’, CHUMPS!”

"Hey buddy. You must be pretty lost if you think you can come into someone’s castle like this, and start shouting demands like that." Stomping up to he perfect look alike, placing both hands on his hips.

"On top of that, not just someone’s castle. MY castle! So you can take your plane boring bib, and scram, before I make you my new servant.”“

-Pokes your nose-

"Gaaaaah!! Mama Peach, is that you? No way, that can’t be. You’re so tiny! You’re like a baby!”


((Ludwig just wants to scream so loudly and it’s only DAY ONE.))

Why he mad tho?

Leans against his shoulder. "Yoo"


 ☾♫☽— ‣ Don’t eradicate him yet, Ludwig. Don’t let him bereave you of the sanity you’ve already lost. Don’t… MANGLE HIM…


            “DON’T you DARE put yourself upon me,” hissed the older brother, immediately shoving the other away and casting him a look of pure spite and venom. “WHAT… do you… WANT?”

Keeps leaning against the eldest of the eight, brushing off his words as if didn’t even matter. “I’ll lean against you if I wanna! Besides, i’m the next king. Which means that I have all the rights to do all of this.”

"Mmmmmm, no. I kinda wandered into this castle. The front door was unlocked."

"Why did you come into MY house!? Do you see me walk into your house, just cause it’s unlocked?!"

"Hey, another Koopaling!"

"Leave…How dare you call me a koopaling, you worthless scum. Get out  of my face before I get the guards to drown you in the hottest lava."

Anonymous ━

*Two platters of various cookies appears for the young prince.* Your reward for entertaining us with random burnings and explosions this day.



Anonymous ━

*sticks tongue out* pplthblthbtlbhth!

U lame~!