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"You leave Mama Peach alone ,you bad man"
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-Proceeds to hug forcefully-

"More like, mine!"

-Shoves, and takes-

Anonymous ━

The anon leaves a box of home made cookies and scampers off.


"There we go. There is a minion that understands the important of leaving a master to his food."Tiny claws picked up the package, ripping open one of the ends of the enclosed box. No aroma came from the box, but it still left the young prince drooling with hunger.


Wow in another universe I have a kid and he's a brat ok after what I've seen my universe still sucks but not as bad now

"I don’t know who you are,lady. But you need to start speaking English, if you want people to understand ya."

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[All About MII! Oh hoh hoh!]






「☂」╍  With a gamepad in hand, Peach expertly navigated through the various settings on the new Wii U until they reached the mode they had been waiting for: The Mii Maker.

”It’s finally time. You guys ready? It’s time to make our Miis.”

By the monarch’s side would sit the hero of the Kingdom. Up for a day of shenanigans, he decided to join her hand in hand with the colorful crew of familiar characters.


"More then-a ever, a-princess! Let’sa go everyone! Don’t forget to ask-a Mii, if you guys have any questions.”

At last, a chance to show off his amazing features for the princess! He awkwardly stationed himself right behind the princess’s head parting her golden locks with his heavy breathing. 

When the blackness of the magical box was replaced by a tutorial screen requesting MII ACTION Bowser, the heavy-handed royal swiped the tablet from Toadstool and immediately began to jam the buttons. 

"Mii first! I’m making mine first! Mii! Mii! MII!"


"Check this out, Toadstool! This is gonna be the hottest Mii on your Wii-Wii!" 


⊰ ★ ⊱—  ❝ Why…?❞

"Don’t worry, Rosioioioioioioi. After Mii, U can have a turn." Sitting on the shoulder of the dark king. The heir of the family  watched excitedly as his father pressed away at the bright device that, Junior was itching to get his hands on.

"My Mii, is the best, Miii!"

Victory! (Bowser and Bowser Jr.)
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But I wanna be down with the cool kids. Okay, how about I just sit here and watch you then maybe we can have like small rps. 

But, Mama Peach isn’t quality enough to roleplay with the royal Koopa family. Maybe after you fix your EVERYTHING