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"You leave Mama Peach alone ,you bad man"
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"I'M TRYING TO HELP YOU! You don't want to know!"

"He just rared…I think I should…just not.."

"Jr, leave now. I'm telling you, you don't wanna know."

"A Yoshi is in pain in my Papa’s bedroom. Who knows what kind of crazed killer is in that room! I have to go save my papa, and there is nothing you can do to stop me!"

"….What’s going on..what’s that sound?"

"Bowser Jr. Let's make a deal, okay?"



"Hmm.. I’m listening.."

"Look, we both have our ways of how we feel towards Mom and Aunt Rosie.

Normally, I’d be the first to swing, but that’d lead to a huge fight. With one, or both of us getting seriously hurt.

I don’t want that.

Mom doesn’t want that.

Aunt Rosie doesn’t want that.

And I know you don’t want that. Because they’re important to both of us.

So I’m proposing, if we do have a problem with each other, we go at it like adult for the sake of them, okay?”

"I don’t know what you’re trying to say, but whatever it is i’m not buying. So if you think that i’m going to play nice with you, then you have another thing coming. I’m not a koopa that likes to share."

"Bowser Jr. Let's make a deal, okay?"

"Hmm.. I’m listening.."

Spiteful Frigidity


       A fire was set ablaze in her chest, powered by adrenaline and fury. She refused to let the flame burn too wildly—the last thing she needed smoke clouding her judgement. For everyone’s sake she tuned out Bowser Junior’s complaints and devoted her attention to the task at hand. Listening to another word of his nonsensical ramblings would surely lead to her dishing out a bit of the discipline he deserved.

       Keeping the wheel steady proved to be more difficult than what she expected, but years of piloting guided her skilled hands. Reaching a suitable distance left her t o simply wait for the engine to die down for good. Movement in her peripheral prompted her gaze to shift to the side, only to see the koopa prince storming towards her once again. “Stand down, I said!" She boomed over the commotion in a half growl, half shout.

           Before they could exchange anymore words a deafening explosion took reign over the world around them, and the ship jolted. Rosalina’s hands were forced of the wheel, and the ship was sent back into a rough frenzy, one the star keeper couldn’t make sense of as she was thrown onto the ship. They were spiraling…why were they spiraling?

           The princess’s sapphire gaze was wild with panic, but she was still level headed enough to effectively locate the problem. “Oh dear stars, no…" That last explosion had sent them a few yards too close a nearby planet. It’s gravitational pull was drawing them in, and rapidly so. It was almost like watching an unforgiving sea swallow up a ship.


         A shudder rattled her body as realization settled in: they wouldn’t be escaping the clutches of this planet. She suddenly felt numb, but she continued to crawl across the deck of the ship, instinctively looking for the child who had caused this mess in the first place. After spotting and reaching the royal brat, she yanked him into an embrace, devoid of affection but strengthened by her innate protectiveness.

         The rush of air and the aggressive sputtering of the failed engine were muffled as a spherical shield materialized around the two of them. If Junior was speaking or yelling, his words fell on deaf years. Rosalina’s full attention was on the white landmass that was rushing up at them until she could no longer bear the sight of it. Darkness took over as she clamped her eyes shut and awaited their inevitable  impact.  

     Hearing the threatening voice of the star princess, the upset prince stopped in his track as it was hard for him to understand why she was so upset. Was it for the same reason he was? Did she finally understand that she was making a foolish mistake, and she was trying her best to correct the problem that she created. Never the less, the prince placed his tiny fist on his hips, tapping his foot on the hard metal surface of the ship. “You know!  A simple ‘i’m sorry' is in orde—-“  But before the sentence could be finished, the blasted ship started to be drawn to the  nearby  plant that looked to be painted perfectly white.

As the world around the boy started spinning out of control, a panic expression over took the royal’s face. Even with an open mouth that could fit a whole cake inside, no sound passed by his lips. Instead the small squeals that resemble that of  injured animals came out.  “Ay…ah….” Everything was happening to fast, to fast for the prince to be able to make a proper reaction, but at some point the princess must have scooped him up into her arms, for he could now feel the warmth that her body was given off. Despite their current falling out, this was something that was a needed thing for the child

With every passing second, the planet that was over taking them became closer and closer. The impact that was about to come was surly not to be a soft landing. “WAAHHH!!” Finally a proper sound found its way to the exit, but it was to late.  In mere seconds the ship crashed into the white unkind ground causing parts of the ship to break off or catch a flame. Which was very ironic do to the fact that the pure white ground was harsh cold snow that seemed to engulf the entire planet.

Finally landing—-well crashing, it seemed that the small child was flung out of the kind princess’s arms landing somewhere on the other side of the of the great white open area. “Ohhhh…” Laying on his shell, the only thing that the prince could make out was the small tiny illusions of  stars that floated directly in front of his eyes. “W-what happen?” Slowly but surly the tiny illusions vanished, but blurriness still over came his vision.  Gazing all around, the first thing that he was trying to spot was the horrible princess that caused all of this in the first place.

5 have visited the Prince of Terror;



♚— ‣ “Now, THAT’S MORE LIKE IT! I ALWAYS KNEW A BUNCH OF NEW VASSALS WOULD LINE UP TO SEE HOW EVILLY AWESOME I AM! GWAH, HA, HA! You had BETTER put ALL gifts in my playroom, clean my sheets, fix my dinner, and then you better tell me just how AWESOME I AM!        

           GWAH, HA, HA! The MOMENT you all walked in here you swore to servitude! GET MOVIN’, CHUMPS!”

"Hey buddy. You must be pretty lost if you think you can come into someone’s castle like this, and start shouting demands like that." Stomping up to he perfect look alike, placing both hands on his hips.

"On top of that, not just someone’s castle. MY castle! So you can take your plane boring bib, and scram, before I make you my new servant.”“

-Pokes your nose-

"Gaaaaah!! Mama Peach, is that you? No way, that can’t be. You’re so tiny! You’re like a baby!”